Monday, February 20, 2012

The pic above is from the scrimmage between periods of the USHL game between the Omaha Lancers and the Lincoln Stars. This game usually has around 7,000 people in attendance. The scrimmage is usually between members of the Omaha broomball league and the University of Nebraska lincoln. The USHL mascot Blades is participating in the scrimmage. This is a great way to promote the game of broomball. The league has used the scrimmage as a fundraiser for their league with a raffle and flyers promoting the opportunities for open broomball and the league in Fremont.
The Omaha Broomball league plays in Fremont Nebraska which is about 30 minutes west of Omaha. There are 4 teams in the league. There are 3 league teams which are drafted and 1 University of Nebraska club team. I have watched the Omaha team and the UNL team at Nationals the past few years and the level of play has really improved. The league is growing because of people like Peter Todd that love the game and are constantly introducing the game to new people. I also think the league is growing because of the way they set their league up. Every year there is a new draft which is key in growing the league. Broomball is about having fun and Nebraska gets it. They still put together a traveling team to play in Nationals, but the league is about having fun, introducing the game to new people, and promoting the game of broomball in an area that has never heard of the game. Keep it up Nebraska broomball. You are a model for new broomball leagues all over the World!

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