Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Checking Ice Conditions with the Outdoorreport.com

The Outdoorreport.com is a new web site in Minnesota. Check out the new story on checking ice on lakes to see if it is safe for fishing at www.theoutdoorreport.com. This also applies to safe ice for broomball or skating. Notice the ice pics the guy is wearing around his neck. If he falls in, he would use the pics to pull himself back up onto the ice. While watching the video, I was thinking he should be wearing a life jacket as well when he popped the hole and the ice thickness changed to 5 inches. I have experienced this myself. A few years ago a friend of mine and I headed out onto lake Winnibigosh to fish walleyes in early December. We had GPS coordinates of a hot spot that was 4 miles out on the lake. There was very little snow and as we headed out, all we could see was ice. We were the only ones on the lake. Scary stuff! We were pulling our portable ice house with an ATV. We stopped and drilled holes about every 1/2 mile. We started out with 7-8 inches and as we approached our spot, we had 6-7 inches. We had a great day on the water. When the sun went down, it was humbling. No roads or trail to follow back to the access. All we had was the moon light, a flashlight and the GPS. I was very happy to reach shore that night. The ice conditions were safe for what we were doing, but I prefer to wait until there is a good 8-10 inches of ice and evidence of other fishermen and women before I head out. Be safe this winter.

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