Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The NEW 2011 Gripper looks to be a real winner for Dgel. The new shoe has the same boot quality that players have liked in the past with an updated softer latex sole. The softer latex sole provides ultimate traction out of the box. Dgel is using the same sole as the REK shoe that was introduced around the Holidays last year. Reviews on the REK sole have been very good. With the softer latex sole the durability will not be as good as the past sole. You will want to make sure that the ice has been resurfaced before you play and that you try to only wear the shoe on the ice. Cement, asphalt, and rough ice are going to rip off the fingers of the new sole.

Broomball.com is closing out the Tractor sole. Mainly because the new design of the Gripper and REK sole has a unique spacing that we think makes it an indoor/outdoor sole. We have had Elite players using the NEW Rek sole for the past 8 months indoors and outdoors and they agree. It is truly an indoor/outdoor sole with ultimate traction.

Broomball.com still has limited quantities of the 2010 sole. If you are looking for a shoe that will last longer, this is the shoe for you. It will not have as good of traction out of the box, but the latex is stronger and the fingers will last longer. The shoe will break in with time.

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