Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The 2011 Nationals Tourney in Duluth was a huge success. There were 40 teams in this years National Tourney. This is 30 less than last year. The main reason for the decline was the venue. It was a fantastic venue for the event, but with 2 ice sheets, the number of teams was limited to 40. The competition at every level was amazing. It is really fun to see the teams from other states continue to improve. The Baltimore teams really looked good and the DC broomballers have come along way in a short time.

The 2011 National Champions:
Men's A - Inferno
Men's B - Superior Machine
Men's C - REX Bulldogs
Men's D - Bud's Bar
Co-rec - Gypsies
Collegiate - Bethel

Inferno played Diablos in the A final. I watched all of the A teams play and they were all very evenly matched. Lots of new faces in the A level and that is great to see. The Geez team really looks to be one of the up and coming teams. The Superior Machine beat Bergies of Duluth in the B final. The REX Bulldogs won the C championship which is amazing considering that these are the same guys that have won the last 2 Collegiate National Championships. The Bulldogs had a tryout this year and had an A and B team. The A team played in the C division and the B team played in the collegiate division. The Warriors from Fargo have really improved and look to be ready to move up to B division with the REX Bulldogs. They beat the REX Bulldogs in an overtime thriller in pool play. I watched Bethel play the Bulldogs in the collegiate division and they looked great. All of the college teams continue to improve. The Co-ed teams were fun to watch. We have alot of really good women broomball players in the U.S. and the co-ed division was very competitive.

USA brooomball did a fantastic job with this years tourney. Games were scheduled from 7 am until 11 pm almost non stop. Thank you to everyone at USA broomball. Especially the refs that worked some really long hours. I look forward to next years National tourney.

The top pic is of the Normadic Hordes from DC. The pic on the bottom is the REX Bulldogs playing the Fargo Warriors. The video is a clip from Inferno against Geez.

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