Monday, July 12, 2010

USA Broomball Kids Camp

The AKA Sports USA broomball kids camp was a huge success. The 4 day camp ran from July 6th - July 9th. The kids had an hour or more of broomball instruction every day. The rink was split into 3 smaller rinks and the kids were divided by age and skill level. Woody (Allen Stauffacher from USA Broomball) did a fantastic job of organizing the event. All of the kids seemed to really enjoy the game of broomball. I volunteered during the Friday session and was really impressed with the skill level. My son attended the camp. His only complaint was that he wanted to play more broomball. The kids were entertained throughout the day with other sport activities. The hand ball game was a huge hit. They used broomball nets and a volleyball and played a game that resembled waterpolo on turf.

Mark your calendar for next years camp. It should be around the same time in July. AKA does an incredible job of keeping the kids active through out the camp day. Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped out with broomball.

The video is from the broomball shootout on the last day of camp. The off ice pic is of the main area of the camp where kids have their choice of sports activities or board games.

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