Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Nationals Wrap Up

What a fun weekend. It was great to see everyone. We had 65 teams, almost 1000 players, and over a dozen states represented. USA broomball did a fantastic job promoting and running the tournament. The Schwans center was the perfect venue with 4 ice rinks committed to broomball.

I watched alot of really good broomball. From the A level down to the D level, I was impressed. I really enjoyed talking to the collegiate players and the c/d players from other parts of the country. People are very excited about this game. There is a genuine interest in getting better and growing the sport.

In the video, my friends from Alaska are playing the NYC Boomz. Alaska played co-rec and collegiate. Long weekend for the college team, they had 6 guys on the collegiate roster.

The picture is from the collegiate division. Minnesota Gophers verses Nebraska. All of the college teams improved a ton this year. I hope to see the collegiate division grow in the future. will offer $100 to any college team that makes the trip to Duluth next year for nationals.
Great to see everyone. I look forward to meeting more of you at the 2011 National Tourney in Duluth, Minnesota.


  1. Hi Darrell-Just in case you missed it...Truckee Donner Park & Rec district finished their 8th season of outdoor, co-rec broomball action by crowning the Terrible's team for the 2nd straight year.
    Terrible's [Lou's team] has won 5 out of 8 Championships in this fun, outdoor league.
    Our rink is only open from Thanksgiving till Mar 15th every year and is just 95'X90'
    I would like to begin a discussion on the future of broomball. Don't you think recreational leagues will bring more players to our game rather than A level leagues?
    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks and happy sweeping!
    Truckee Lou

  2. Hey Lou.

    I agree that recreational broomball is the best way to grow the sport of broomball. This will also help feed broomball at higher levels. Broomball at the recreational level is growing like crazy across the world because of people like you that love the game and get new people into the sport and show them how much fun the game is. Keep up the great work of promoting broomball in California.