Sunday, February 21, 2010

Duluth Olympic Celebration

The city of Duluth Minnesota is holding a two week long Olympic celebration. They have organized events throughout the city promoting the Olympic games. sponsored the broomball event at Norton park. Norton park is one of many community centers throughout the city. Years ago all of the community centers had broomball as one of their winter activities. It was really cool to see pictures from the 1970's of the city champion Norton park brooomball team. One of the women working the concession stand played on that community broomball team. It was fun to talk to her about broomball years ago. sent out an email to local broomball players for help in promoting the game at Norton park. Thank you to all that came out to teach the game. We had representatives from the Superior Machine men's and women's team, Bergies, and the UMD Bulldogs college team. The event ran for about 4 hours. We had 2 rinks going at once. After about 3 hours, most of the volunteers had had enough. We sat and watched as more community members arrived and soon we had another game going with 20-30 community members enjoying the game of broomball. What a fun game.

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