Sunday, January 24, 2010

Minnesota has been in the middle of an ugly and unusual January storm. Normally January is our coldest month of the year, but not this weekend. Throughout the state we have had a wintery mix. It started yesterday with rain in the am. With borderline feezing temps, we woke up to roads that looked like ice rinks. I coach a mini mite hockey team (4-7 year olds). We had a outdoor hockey tourney with games at 10 and 1 Saturday and Sunday. Saturday went well outside of a pestering cold rain. Sunday was a different story. We woke up to snow. About 4 inches on the ground. I called the tourney director and he said the games were on. I took off with my son and the roads were not bad, but it was snowing hard. We arrived at the rink. They were trying to prepare the ice, but with all of the rain before the snow, the ice was in bad shape. Most of my team had arrived and we were 30 minutes from game time. Then they decided to cancel the games. The ice was so bad, that tennis balls did not even roll well.I talked to the tourney director and offered to donate a couple of broomballs to use. He agreed and we played our final tourney game with all of the kids on the ice and 2 broomballs as pucks. The broomballs saved the day. I thought that fellow broomballers would appreciate the pic and story.

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  1. How cute. Yay for broomballs saving the day. :D